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The Angels Descend,  Oct 15…

Shannon’s a fallen angel. Hunted. Hiding. Her crime? She’d rather live on earth with humans—and exercise free will—than blindly serve a god she’s never met.

On the streets, Shannon keeps her wings tucked inside a hollowed out backpack and taps the will of young men. Nothing harmful. Just enough to get what she needs—until she meets George, an angel-obsessed artist, in Richmond, Virginia.

Peter Arrowsmith is in charge of seeing to the Problem of the fallen, and he’s closing in on Shannon. Trouble is, Peter’s slipping into an entanglement of his own with Bethanie, a beautiful, compulsive liar.

As Shannon flees and Peter pursues, they draw a group of misfits into their deadly battle. But as both angels and humans will learn, love can make a tragedy or a farce of even divinely inspired plans.

Advance Praise for Bad Angels

Danvers’ sweetly romantic fantasy is both charming and optimistic.” Publisher’s Weekly
Dennis Danvers has been one of my favorite writers since I discovered his novel, Circuit of Heaven.  His latest novel, Bad Angels, continues to prove his excellence handling tongue-in-cheek metaphysical fantasy to put him alongside the likes of James Morrow and Phillip Pullman.  Brilliant satirical fantasy, not to be missed.
—Jim Freund

Shannon, an angel on the lam, flees a band of angels who wants to extract her from earth to atone for her transgressions (becoming too involved with humanity). Even though “angel shit doesn’t stink,” the trail leading to her is rife with angel dust, broken memories, and even a few high speed car chases. In parallax points of view, Danvers reveals how Shannon, her primary pursuer (a veteran angel, Peter,) and several humans (of both the terror-filled and awe-filled varieties), deal with the intricacies of faith and hope and loss. The reader will cheer and bite a few nails as Shannon (a spunky, giving rebel) veers through rescue and escape, the dangers and joys of love, and freedom of myriad sorts. Dennis Danvers’ Bad Angels takes you on a wild ride through the streets and cemeteries of Richmond, VA; be prepared to strap down those “beauties,” (your wings, of course!)

—Cindy Cunningham, author of Bittersweet Swallows

I’ve long known Richmond, Virginia is full of demons, but I had no idea about the angels. Luckily, Dennis Danvers has enlightened me with this witty and thoughtful tale of higher and lower beings struggling mightily against their natures. Like a post-millennial Wings of Desire, it’s perfectly tuned to our peculiar moment in time.

—Andrew Blossom, author of I’ve Got a Message for You

     and You’re Not Going to Like it

Poetic and slyly divine. I fell for the characters and the story right from the start.  Danvers tells a satisfying tale with all the essential elements of romance and imagination.

—Suzanne Feldman, author of Absalom’s Daughters

Dennis Danvers in his latest, Bad Angels, makes the fantastical seem probable and the improbable realistic. Forget about berobed angels perched on clouds strumming golden harps. Heaven isn’t what you think it is and Shannon, the “bad” angel, does what we’re advised against: she follows her heart — and you’ll want to join in the pursuit as the angelic thrones above Richmond, VA split upon her choices. It’s as taut and paced as a thriller and makes you wonder, too. Danvers’ vivid imagery makes this seem like a lucid dream — which is what good writing is supposed to conjure.

—Harry Kollatz, Jr., Richmond magazine, “Richmond In Ragtime.”

Publication Information

Title: Bad Angels, a contemporary fantasy with a metaphysical twist
Author: Dennis Danvers
ISBN-13: 978-0-9899772-3-4 (e-book)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9899772-4-1 (paperback)
Price: 6.99 (ebook); 16.99 (paperback)
Publisher: Metaphysical Circus Press
Formats: e-book and paperback, 114,000 words
Publication month and year: October, 2015
Publicity contact: Vanessa Del Fabbro
Publisher contact: Melanie Lamaga,

About the Author

Dennis Danvers is the author of novels Wilderness (Poseidon 1991, HarperCollins 2010; Bram Stoker and Locus finalist), Time and Time Again (S & S 1994), Circuit of Heaven (Eos, 1998; New York Times Notable), End of Days (Eos, 1999, New York Times Notable), The Fourth World (Eos, 2000), The Watch (Eos, 2002; New York Times Notable; Booklist 10 Best SF novels, School Library Journal Best Books of 2002), The Bright Spot (Bantam 2005, under the pseudonym Robert Sydney).

Recent short fiction, “Leaving the Dead” was published in Lightspeed, and  “All the Snake Handlers I Know Are Dead” and “Adult Children of Alien Beings” at “Christmas in Hollywood Cemetery” appeared in Remapping Hallowed Ground, a Civil War themed anthology of fiction and poetry. Danvers’ short fiction has also appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Electric Velocipede, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Richmond Noir, Strange Horizons, Intergalactic Medicine Show, New Delta Review, Review La Booche, Sou’wester, Realms of Fantasy, and Space and Time.

Danvers holds a Ph.D. in literature and an MFA in fiction writing. He currently teaches fiction writing and science fiction and fantasy literature at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and writes full time. He blogs at