Cover and TOC Reveal! See the Elephant, Issue Two

Here is a sneak peek of the cover and TOC for issue two! The cover art is “Neue Welt” by Michael Waitz. Stories and authors for your weird reading pleasure, as follows:

The Bones of the Matter by Cassandra Khaw

The Lost Books of the Painter’s Wife by Diane Glancy

The Rising Up by Karen Heuler

Girl in Satin Watering Rhododendron Bush by Rose Wednesday

Summon Up the Blood by Michael Canfield

Big Feet by Leslie What

The Cat’s House by Alana I. Capria

Inspiration 1.2 by Jane Lebak

They Got Louie by F. Brett Cox

Fairview 619 by Rebecca Schwarz

The Lawn Fairy War by James Van Pelt

The Absence of Cows by Kristen Falso-Capaldi (New Voices Contest 1st prize winner)

Kaia by Brian T. Hodges (New Voices Contest, 2nd place winner)

Crocodile Tale by M. Glyde (New Voices Contest, honorable mention)