Memorial Day in the Slipstream

“The Conquest of Air” by Roger de La Fresnaye, 1913, public domain

Dear Readers,

Since issue two of See the Elephant Magazine features stories about love and war, it seems appropriate to say a few words in honor of Memorial Day this year. I have not been to war, myself, but from what I’ve heard and read from veterans, being in a war zone can be a surreal experience, full of intense impressions, emotions, and events that may not conform to the orderly flow of cause and effect or linear time.

People have been going to war throughout recorded history and either dying or coming back inalterably changed, carrying burdens difficult to describe, let alone manage. Therefore, weird and slipstream stories by and about war and veterans are doubly important: they are in the unique position to explore the horror and beauty that defy tidy, rational explanation and easy resolution.

So, for your Memorial Day reading, I am honored to offer another war story from issue two, Love & War in the Slipstream, “Fairview 619,” by Rebecca Schwarz. It joins two others already up on the web, “Court Marshall of Samuel James Wilson,” by Frederick K. Foote, Jr., and “Summon Up The Blood,” by Michael Canfield.

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With Gratitude,
Melanie Lamaga