Springing to Life!

In Celebration Of The Child by Henri Rousseau. 1903
In Celebration Of The Child by Henri Rousseau. 1903

It’s been a sluggish winter for us (and everyone we know), but here at the Metaphysical Circus, we have emerged, reborn with the equinox as nature intended. In fact, we are feeling monstrously good, and, like a freakishly large baby with a bouquet and a harlequin, we come bearing gifts.

This weekend we bring you the swan song of See the Elephant Magazine, Issue One: Errantry, an incandescent story by Elizabeth Hand, with an original illustration by Ryan Schultz!

Earlier this week, we published Paul St. John Mackintosh’s review of the wildly weird and wonderful novel Experimental Film by Gemma Files. Not to be missed.

Next week, I am delighted to announce, we will begin the countdown to See the Elephant, Issue Two: Love and War in the Slipstream. Apologies for taking so long getting this issue out, but folks, when faced with a choice between doing it on time or doing it right, we all know which is the higher road … especially when you’re the boss. I think you are going to find it was worth the wait, and to make up for tardiness, we’ve made the issue extra fat. We will be publishing the cover art, TOC and a sneak peak story in the coming week, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I hope the buds of spring are unfurling in your hearts and minds, as well your back yards. Thank you for being part of the Metaphysical Circus. Your support means everything.

—Melanie Lamaga