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See the Elephant, Issue 3: Slipping Through the Cracks explores what it means to slip through a crack, intentionally or not, into oblivion or freedom; how it feels to be threatened by some terrible, broken thing, or to break ourselves. These stories range from the darkest impulses of human (and inhuman) nature, to humor, love, and the possibility of change that can come when we dare to look at broken things in a new way, and painstakingly fuse the pieces back together with some finer stuff.

New stories by Genevieve Williams, Michaele Jordan, Mathew Scaletta & Rebecca Brewster, Kyle E. Miller, Edoardo Albert, Rachel Verkade, Rose Szabo, S. Kay Nash, and Matthew Sanborn Smith, and reprints by H. V. Chao and Marleen S. Barr, with a foreword by editor Melanie Lamaga.        


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Published by Metaphysical Circus Press, July 2017

Available in ebook and paperback, 115 pp

Review copies available in Kindle, E-pub and PDF formats. Send request to