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Issue two of See the Elephant: Love and War in the Slipstream features new stories by Diane Glancy, Karen Heuler, James Van Pelt, Cassandra Khaw, F. Brett Cox, Michael Canfield, Alana I. Capria, Rose Wednesday, Jane Lebak, Kristen Falso-Capaldi, Brian T. Hodges, and M. Glyde, reprints from Leslie What and Rebecca Schwarz, and an editorial from Melanie Lamaga.


See the Elephant Magazine is dedicated to fiction that questions consensus reality and pushes the boundaries of genre, including slipstream, weird, visionary, magical realism, soft science fiction and contemporary fantasy. We are especially interested in publishing works by women, people of color, indigenous, LGBTQ, and writers from non-mainstream cultures and traditions. We also run annual New Voices contests with awards of cash prizes and publication to support new writers.