Cabinet of Wonders, 3.13.15

Leah Lamb

Today we’re opening a new drawer in our Cabinet of Wonders that we call Weird on the Web. Sit back and enjoy the unveiling of curiosities guaranteed to make you feel beautifully strange.



Photographers, Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen covered elder Finnish people with sticks, moss, and other elements from the natural world in their photo series Eyes As Big As Plates (featured in the Finnish museum of Modern Art).

While the strange configuration of people and nature is what draws the attention, it is the look in these people’s eyes that captivates. Maybe it’s because we don’t get to look in the eyes of old people very often. Or maybe the Finnish have that je ne sais quoi.




POD TUNE is a whale/human collaborative project and unique collection of 14 original songs composed by musicians originating from nine different countries across the globe. I don’t know how collaborative this project was on the whale’s side of things…but each artist was tasked with creating an original track utilizing actual humpback whale song recordings as instruments and/or vocals. The songs are haunting, and odd and sometimes downright delightful. My hands down favorite track is The Water Inside by Li Daiguo.




Remember the days when you bundled up and threw yourself into the snow and waved your arms back and forth so you could make a snow angel? Well, Artist Simon Beck just took snow art to the next level through his massive outdoor creations at Powder Mountain Resort in Utah. How? Walking on the snow with snow shoes. Beck has more photos and some answers to frequently asked questions on his Facebook page.


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