Cabinet of Wonders: Windows To The Soul

This week’s Cabinet is all about the windows to the soul. These authors are challenging us to see more clearly and to look past, through, inside and around all the social constructs we combat daily. Take away some lightheartedness and try to let go of some of the constraints you imagine holding you back. After […]

Cabinet of Wonders: Top 5 Short Stories of 2015

It’s that “out with the old, in with the new” time of year, when I resolve to read more, zen more and road rage less. But amidst the well-meaning promises to make 2016 a raucous good time filled with beach-ready bodies, clean eats and festivals galore, I can’t help but cling to several pieces of the past. I’m not yet ready to close the Cabinet door on some of these superb shorts. Find out what stories are frozen in my mind so deep I just can’t let them go.

Cabinet of Wonders: Flee into the Woods

Feeling small? I know I am. November’s getting gray, I’ve got a birthday coming up (booooo) and the holidays are rushing closer and closer. Sometimes, it just seems so darn tempting to run into the woods and never look back. Take a little trip with this week’s tales–fly free so you can face the rest of your week with head held high. I know I’m waiting on that last one to bring me back to life.

Cabinet of Wonders: Aliens, Ghosts & Skypeople

short fiction reviews by Lauren Colie
Aliens, ghosts and skypeople — all the otherworldy beings are coming out to play in this Cabinet. We’ve got reminders about how love hurts, how your past will never leave you alone and, well, how the way to anyone’s heart truly is their stomach. Digest some delightful strange in this week’s shorter fare.
A Review of Lacrimosa, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia Nightmare Magazine

Cabinet of Wonders: Forbidden Fruit & Vengeful Goddesses

short fiction reviews by Lauren Colie
Forbidden fruit, vengeful goddesses and the ever-present danger of knowing: all this and more in this week’s line-up. They’ll suck you in for some deep contemplation and spit you back out as yourself, but ever-so-slightly more. Just remember: once you open your eyes, they’re open for good.

Cabinet of Wonders: Bayou Werewolves, Alien Frogs & Dorian Gray

Let the familiar tickle your fancy. Deals with the devil, alien beings, Facebook, Twitter and even Dorian Gray make an appearance in this Cabinet. Reimagine and reinvigorate these classic tropes with a contemporary twist. Mind your feet — there’s some…things…it’d be best not to step on.   The Fiddler of Bayou Teche, by Delia Sherman […]

Cabinet of Wonders: Menagerie of Weird Creatures

Open the door into a menagerie for this week’s Cabinet. Strange beings and strange people populate the shelves, each a curio for us to consider. There are questions about ethics, character and love wrapped up in bizarre, two-headed and three-footed packages. Don’t forget: there’s always more than meets the eye.   A Review of “The […]

Cabinet of Wonders: Cons, Scabs and Swarms

Wide open skies, sprawling Western states and the tippy-top of the atmosphere. Here, we can spend time wondering who we are — this week, we’re taking field trips. Run across plains, climb mountains, soar skyward, abandon work and embark on a Kerouacian exploration of self and society. Let the Weird introduce you to the wonderful. […]

Cabinet of Wonders: Letters from the Dead

Disappearing Dads, Time Traveling Doctors, and Letters from the Dead It seems a little abnormal to find a Lauren and a Loren writing fabulous fiction this week (with reviews written by a Lauren). What is normal, anyway? Is it polos and boat shoes? Is it the desire to fix mistakes? Is it the humble town […]

Cabinet of Wonders: Feral Mail, Hungry Curtains & Fork Phobia

I’m moving. Packing up all of my possessions, all of me, and claiming a new spot as my home. It only makes sense that I’m seeing signs of change all over the place — including this week’s Cabinet picks. See how relocating shakes up more than just coordinates and let these authors readjust what you […]