Cabinet of Wonders: Fairies, Monsters and Chupacabras

Usually identifying a genre doesn’t take much work. Skim a bit and it’s clear whether or not it goes in the Cabinet. But, today, we’ve got a set of tricksters on our hands. I promise there are fairies, tiny monsters and a chupacabra or two in here somewhere…but it’s going to take you a minute […]

Cabinet of Wonders: Star Maidens, Spores & The Singularity

This week’s reading has got me feeling funny…and sad…and wistful…and sort of floaty. And weird, of course. Let these writers take you on a trip. Whether it’s to the moon and back or infinity and beyond, we’ve got you covered.   A Review of The Star Maiden, by Roshani Choksi at Shimmer Magazine I already […]

Cabinet of Wonders: Carnivals, Seedpods & Cyborgs

Times are a-changin’ in the cabinet. People age, science steps forward and lovers move on. Each story is shorter than the last, so you still have plenty of time to take it all in. We open with a scare, shed some tears on our way to hope and end with that cheesy grin only absurdity […]

Cabinet of Wonders: Labyrinths, Lambchops & Mariachis

Today, we redefine normal. Each of these slice-of-life accounts challenges your own reality by introducing you to someone else’s. Approach with an open mind, and you just might learn something grand.   In Libres, by Elizabeth Bear at Uncanny Magazine “Please don’t feed the books. Some of them will beg.” “Beg?” “Everybody wants something,” the […]

Cabinet of Wonders 5.23.15

In this cabinet you’ll find richly-constructed realities; these worlds really come to life, strange as they are. We start with a shot (or two) of the grotesque, chased by a splash of hope. Trust these authors to loosen up your imagination.   Mouth, by Helena Bell at Lightspeed Magazine In the middle of the night, […]

Cabinet of Wonders, 5.1.15

Sorrow, sadness and the end of humanity as we know it. Not every story has a happy ending, and we’ve pulled three this week for some cathartic healing. Revel in the misery—let it all out! And, when all seems lost, find the glimmer of hope in the dark.   A Review of The Ministry of […]

Cabinet of Wonders, 4.18.15

April is showering talent down upon us. With the dreary weather comes a flood of memories, emotion and even a circus tent. In this cabinet collection you’ll find heart-wrenching lost love, chest-tightening found love and deep-breath-before-the-plunge decisions about the future. Let these stories wash over you with innovative ideas and carefully-crafted emotional content.     […]

Cabinet of Wonders, 4.4.15

Today, take comfort in stories your grandmother might tell. Fables, folklore and fairy tales that dance tantalizingly beyond the real fill the cabinet. A little classic, a lot creepy and certainly worth sharing, check these out for short spurts of nostalgia.   A Review of The Good Son, by Naomi Kritzer at Lightspeed Magazine One […]

Cabinet of Wonders, 3.21.15

This week it’s all about manipulating emotions. Let these authors in when they knock; your reward will be an immersive experience that wrenches from you feelings you didn’t expect. Be ready for disgust, horror, delight, peace and disruption. All this and more awaits in these guaranteed mood-changers.     A Review of Featherweight, by Robert […]

Cabinet of Wonders, 3.13.15

Today we’re opening a new drawer in our Cabinet of Wonders that we call Weird on the Web. Sit back and enjoy the unveiling of curiosities guaranteed to make you feel beautifully strange.   THE NATURE OF ART Photographers, Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen covered elder Finnish people with sticks, moss, and other elements from the natural world in […]