Girl In Satin Watering Rhododendron Bush

“Mary wondered if Henry’s skin glistened like a snail in this heat. She had no romantic delusions about him—which caused her to wonder whether all her romantic fantasies were, in fact, just pure mercenary convenience, a kind of extravagant prostitution—and then she heard Maman’s voice in her head say, Très bien, ma Bette Noire. Men are just cocks with wallets.”

They Got Louie

“How many times have we been told, since practically we were born, ‘Don’t eat the green shit. It smells good, it tastes better, but don’t fucking eat the green shit.’”

The Bones of the Matter

(Can’t wait for the new issue? Neither can we. Here is a delicious sneak peak from See the Elephant, Issue Two, Love & War in the Slipstream.)

Court Marshall of Samuel James Wilson

“I reach down and pick up a picture of a younger, pre-enlistment Wilson. He stands beside a tiny, gray-haired black woman. She’s shooting an ice pick look at me, piercing my eyes, lacerating my heart, stabbing my soul.
I fling the picture away, jump back from the eyes. I’m shaking and short of breath. I leave the picture on the floor. I dash into my bedroom. My shaking hands remove the picture of me and my grandmother from the frame. I take care to avoid looking into her eyes.”


“The Folding Man’s stuff was always like that. Things that were never quite what they seemed to be. Sea anemones with eyes and wheels, body parts—vulvas were a popular theme—that sprouted fingers, exotic birds with too many heads and hooves instead of feathers…”

Robot Story

“I couldn’t imagine Jane hurting me, but I felt a knot of fear growing in my gut anyway. Humans are always afraid of something.”

Another Country Doctor

“His shoulders sprouted stalks that bloomed azure honeycomb shapes whose openings sang like river reeds. The blond color of his hair replaced itself with a mosslike green, whose strands often swayed as though in a passing current.”

Up the Fire Road (part two)

“Was I on some kind of strange drug? Was I in the woods at all? Was I at my mom’s house, and having some kind of a psychotic episode?”

Up the Fire Road

“If life seems slow and meaningless, go somewhere where you depend on Christy to get you back.”


“I am well versed in fairy tales where centuries skitter past in less than a sentence, but in reality, when one is lying all dressed up in one’s finest garments with whalebone corsetry digging deep in the spaces between one’s ribs, each day stretches out like a possible lifetime and all one can do is to listen, and discretely fidget.”