Skein and Bone, by V.H. Leslie

by Paul St. John Mackintosh
Exquisitely disturbing tales
V.H. Leslie is an artist and printmaker, as well as a very fine writer, and a member of England’s Omega Printmakers in Portsmouth. The fourteen dark and weird stories in this first collection are as finely crafted as you’d expect from her background, and as mysteriously suggestive as any cryptic design. Her work has been compared to Shirley Jackson or M.R. James, but is completely modern in its fantastic, surreal flavor.

The Pottawatomie Giant and Other Stories, by Andy Duncan

Southern Literary Fabulism Andy Duncan can turn a colorful phrase with a precision by turns comical, lyrical and poignant. This is a voice that begs to be spoken aloud, declaimed, performed (and if you ever get a chance to see Andy Duncan read his work, he does just that.) But beneath the engaging plots and […]