Cover Reveal: See the Elephant Issue 4, Beyond Death

  Letter from the Editor Another year, another issue! I started this magazine intending to do two per year. Now, festooned with a multitude of hats, I am grateful for the time to do one. Such is life, which evolves as it grows—we all know that. But what about death? My culture of origin, Anglo-America, […]

Announcing the Winner of the 2016 New Voices Contest: Benjamin C. Jenkins

We are pleased to introduce the winner of the 2016 New Voices Contest, Benjamin C. Jenkins. What follows is a short essay by Ben, about writing about his winning story, “Headdressing,” and his perspective as a Native American writer.    I didn’t set out to write “Headdressing” with any Native American elements in mind, but somehow they […]

Announcing Release of See the Elephant, Issue 3: Slipping Through the Cracks

  * See the Elephant, Issue 3: Slipping Through the Cracks explores what it means to slip through a crack, intentionally or not, into oblivion or freedom; how it feels to be threatened by some terrible, broken thing, or to break ourselves. These stories range from the darkest impulses of human (and inhuman) nature, to […]

Open for Submissions & New Voices Contest 2016!

Greetings Readers, Writers and Lovers of Strange Stories After a busy summer touring with the Metaphysical Circus to distant points both on and off the map, we’re back and gearing up for issues three and four of See the Elephant Magazine. We are currently accepting open submissions, and running a very special New Voices contest for indigenous writers. Learn […]

Memorial Day in the Slipstream

Dear Readers, Since issue two of See the Elephant Magazine features stories about love and war, it seems appropriate to say a few words in honor of Memorial Day this year. I have not been to war, myself, but from what I’ve heard and read from veterans, being in a war zone can be a surreal experience, […]

Cover and TOC Reveal! See the Elephant, Issue Two

Here is a sneak peek of the cover and TOC for issue two! The cover art is “Neue Welt” by Michael Waitz. Stories and authors for your weird reading pleasure, as follows: The Bones of the Matter by Cassandra Khaw The Lost Books of the Painter’s Wife by Diane Glancy The Rising Up by Karen […]

Springing to Life!

It’s been a sluggish winter for us (and everyone we know), but here at the Metaphysical Circus, we have remerged, reborn with the equinox as nature intended. In fact, we are feeling monstrously good, and, like a freakishly large baby with a bouquet and a harlequin, we come bearing gifts.

Countdown to Bad Angels Release!

The Angels Descend,  Oct 15… Shannon’s a fallen angel. Hunted. Hiding. Her crime? She’d rather live on earth with humans—and exercise free will—than blindly serve a god she’s never met. On the streets, Shannon keeps her wings tucked inside a hollowed out backpack and taps the will of young men. Nothing harmful. Just enough to […]