Weird Pairings: Borges + Tiger, River, Flame

The Quote:  “Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire. ” Borges battled the notion of time both in his fiction, such as “The Garden of […]

Weird Pairings, Lovecraft + Cthulhu-esque Rock

About the Quote: Lovecraft is one of the masters of weird, idiosyncratic horror fiction. His iconic creation Cthulu is the embodiment of evil, an ancient tentacled thing living in the bowels of the darkest ocean, who inspires visions of elaborate cities and nameless horror in hapless humans who go investigating things better left alone, and […]

Weird Pairings, Huxley + Cezannne

About the Quote: This delicious quote is from The Doors of Perception (from which the rock band took their name), a non-fiction book that records Huxley’s experiences while taking peyote in a controlled setting, and his subsequent meditations on the nature of reality and human perception. In two sentences, Huxley manages to convincingly blur the […]

Weird Pairings, Virginia Woolf + Sophia Hermes

The Quote: Virginia Woolf was a modernist writer of the 1920s, responsible for books such as The Waves, an experimental, lyrical stream of consciousness novel, and Orlando, in which the hero lives several centuries and becomes a woman for a time. Woolf also collaborated with her husband Leonard in founding Hogarth Press, which published her works […]

Weird Pairings, Borges + Dublin Library

The Quote: Jorge Luis Borges was an Argentine writer who was postmodern way before postmodernism was a Thing. He was writing magical realist stories just as magical realism was becoming a Thing. He started his writing career publishing in surrealist literary journals when surrealism was The Thing. This places Borges front and center of nearly […]

Weird Pairings, David Lynch + Luminous Wheels

Today we’re kicking off a new series called Weird Pairings. We will take quotes from masters of the metaphysical, the fantastic and the weird, and pair them with images that interact with the quote in ways we find strange, enigmatic, beautiful or surreal. We’ll tell you a bit about both the writer and the art, […]